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We are conveniently located at 

1259 N. Green Street
McHenry IL
Our Hours are :
Monday-Friday 10-8pm
Saturday- Sunday 10-5

Call us at 815-385-9570

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Fish and Corals

Fish and Corals


Dog & Cat Food

Dog & Cat Food





Exotic and Small Animals


As always we carry an eclectic selection of exotic animals from hedgehogs  to chinchillas we are sure to have the pet for you. All our animals are housed in temperature controlled rooms and handled daily by our staff. We love our animals so they are stress free and socialized to ready go home with you.


Our Chinchillas are from show stock and of the highest quality.  We can give you expert advice on taking care of your new exotic pet.

Currently we began breedind some small reptiles in store. We are excited to offer crested geckos to you at great prices

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